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C004 - The Town Hall of Dobrovice near Mlada Boleslav

Product Code: C004
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Dimensions: 11.00cm x 13.00cm x 13.00cm

Price: 3490 Kč

Miniature porcelain town hall:
In front of you are pictures of a detailed replica of a real Town Hall. It is a hand-crafted and faithfully processed porcelain model of town hall, which one of the most important in Bohemia. Our porcelain town halls are part of brand line that includes over 80 miniature houses found in Prague. From them you can build the Old Town Square, the Golden Lane or even a part of the Lesser Town. 

How it comes about:
The basic model is made in scale according to the actual model. Then it’s converted in an elaborate way into a form, from which we obtain individual parts by casting porcelain mass. After assembling, retouching, drying and firing, careful and detailed revising begins again. This process is followed by hand painting with several layers of glaze and another firing at 1200 ° C. Last task is the final decor and firing in the kiln. It is a unique and sophisticated technique of creating models with the theme of historic town halls. You can see the result in front of you…

The goal:
Our aim is to capture the beauty of architecture in the imprint of ceramic clay and to transfer a piece of this poetry to your homes. It is a nice and valuable reminder of visiting Bohemia.

This product is made based on The Town Hall of Dobrovice near Mlada Boleslav, which can be found at:
Palackeho Square 28, 294 41 Dobrovice, Czech Republic

History of The Town Hall of Dobrovice near Mlada Boleslav:
During the second half of the 16th c., the little village of Dobrovice became the centre of the dominion of Jindrich of Valdstein. In 1558, it further became a town and in 1578 Wallenstein built a new family seat there, a castle with four towers and beautifully decorated halls. He also built a new church next to the old one. His son Hynek granted the town many privileges. In 1608 a town hall was built with his support. It has a beautiful hall with wainscoting and a painted ceiling. Originally it did not have its characteristic supporting pillars. These were added in the 1670’s. In 1673 it burnt down completely apart from the stone portal. It was renovated a year later including the tower and the ceiling in the hall. Only the tower clock was missing. Its final renovation was carried out in 1933 when the ceiling from the castle was replaced, since the castle was previously turned into a sugar factory in 1873. For the last 400 years the town hall has been in use. In the last century it also became the social centre for the region. The ceremonial hall has serves since 1833 as a theatre and concert hall. The famous composer Bedřich Smetana also visited here. After an expensive reconstruction of the facade in 1993 the town hall once again became the jewel of the town.

Quality and packaging:
Our models are miniatures of real buildings. We place great importance on the quality and detail of the processing of our products. All the miniature town halls are hand-painted and hand-crafted from porcelain, so the individual pieces may differ slightly in size and color shade. Each item is original and unique. We pack them in handmade and fully recyclable cardboard boxes. Our more significant sets are packed in gift boxes with see through front.

Our usual customers come from Europe, but we also send our town halls to the USA and Canada. We have been sending our little town halls  to Asia and they are most liked in Japan and South Korea. We are happy we can please customers from Czech Republic and in the other parts of world alike.