Miniature porcelain houses -

About us


We are people from the city. What connects us is our passion for creative work, love for antiques, an interest in rural life in accordance with nature and a belief in merits that have survived fashion waves and regime changes...

We are a family company

I count in this family all the ceramist, modelers and artist friends who have taken part in our workshop since 1991, and there have been more than few over the years...


At present, our core team is:


My partner and inspiration Terezka


My older son Václav


My youngest son Matěj

We are not only a ceramic workshop, but also a “kennel” for “three-legged cats“. Most of the workers in our project have some physical or mental disability. This is an added value to our hard work. We provide job and a fulfilling life opportunity to those who could not find an easy path into this modern era that focuses only on efficiency.


We try to adjust our manufacturing so that everyone can get involved, such as my son Matej, despite his cerebral palsy,

kamarád Roman

or our virtually blind friend Roman

We would like to create more places for other people who are going through difficult times in their life. For such a project, we need a lot of energy and considerable funds. To achieve this, we have created our e-shop where we offer handmade wares with the wish and hope that you like them and that they become part of your home, or maybe they can enchant your loved ones as tasteful and prized gift.

To all our customers and fans, we will include to your order of a pretty cup or a miniature house set, the good feeling of having bought not only lovely looking and fairly made goods but that you also supported our efforts to aid those who need and deserve help from us, people more fortunate in life.


I would also like to mention our artisan Eva.

Miroslav Kadlec

And finally, the one that tries to care for and feed the pack:

Despite advanced age, the eternal dreamer, don Quixote and bon vivant

Miroslav Kadlec