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Magnet - S023 - The Town Hall Tower

Product Code: MG-S023
Availability: 12 pcs
Dimensions: 5.00cm x 2.00cm x 10.50cm

Price: 390 Kč

Model of this product

This landmark of Prague can be found at this address:

Old Town Hall 1/3, Old Town, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

The Town Hall Tower, 72 m high, was built in 1364. The chapel with its oriel Gothic window is on the first floor. It was built by the iron foundry of Petr Parléř, who also built the cathedral at the Prague Castle. The tower clock was placed there in 1406 and the Astronomical Clock in 1410. It was made by the clock master Mikuláš of Kadaň and the astronomer Jan Schindel, who was a Professor at the Charles University. The clock was made during the reign of King Wenceslas IV. when astronomy was popular. The astrolabe of the clock was probably made by Master Hanuš. In 1659 wooden allegorical figures representing astronomy, arts, death etc. were positioned above it and the figures of the apostles made by the sculptor Vojtěch Sucharda were added in 1886 with allegorical motives and zodiac signs painted by Josef Mánes. Between 1830 and 1834 a Neo-Gothic eastern wing by the architect Sprenger was added. However, it was damaged during the uprising in May 1945 and pulled down after the Communist take-over in February 1948. The tower and the clock were renovated so it shows the time and the position of heavenly bodies for the past 600 years.


Every miniature magnetic house made of porcelain is original, unique and unrepeatable. Each individual piece might be slightly different in size or shade of colour as we hand paint every single one.